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State Government Circulars

 Date  Notification Number  Subject
 03/08/2015 37/RD&DD/MFNREGA Quality Verification of MGNREGA worksite records at state level
 05/06/2015 35/5/ADM/RMDD/MGNREGA Strengthening the Social Audit Process by Enabling Complete Access to the Records and Vouchers
 02/05/2015 33/MGNREGA/RM&DD Utilizing the services of RGPSA staffs for MGNREGA works
 27/04/2015 32/MGNREGA/RM&DD Strengthening Worksite Management System under MGNREGA
 01/04/2015 594/MGNREGA/RM&DD MGNREGA improvements planned during 2015-16
 27/03/2015 30/MGNREGA/RM&DD Performance based Incentive mechanism for improving MGNREGA MIS data entry using existing staff posted in the BAC and GPK
 20/03/2015 563/MGNREGA/RM&DD Revised Office Order of VHAS
 12/02/2015 525/MGNREGA/RM&DD Guidelines for Construction of Water Harvesting Tank of 24,000 Liters Capacity in Convergence with MGNREGA and FSADD
 27/01/2015 509/MGNREGA/RM&DD Taking up Avenue Plantation Along PMGSY Road
 27/01/2015 ------ Convergence of MGNREGA with Agriculture & Horticulture Minutes of the Meeting, 27th January, 2015, Krishi Bhawan
 15/12/2014 467/MGNREGA/RM&DD Monthly Performance Review of MGNREGA for 2014-15 as on 30th Nov.,2014
 13/12/2014 466/MGNREGA/RM&DD Corrected unit cost for cattle sheds taken up under MGNREGA
 25/11/2014 439/MGNREGA/RM&DD Handing Taking Of DSC Dongles required for payment of MGNREGA
 13/10/2014 25/MGNREGA/RM&DD Publishing of Socio Economic and Caste Census Final List
 10/10/2014 373/MGNREGA/RM&DD Guidelines for Construction of Irrigation Tank of 24,000 Litres Capacity in Convergence with MGNREGA and HCCDD
 30/09/2014 342/MGNREGA/RM&DD Request for submission of Indent to Horticulture Deptt by 10.10.2014
 29/09/2014 ------ Review Meeting on Social Audit
 27/09/2014 24/MGNREGA/RM&DD All fresh recruitment under MGNREGA to be kept on hold
 27/09/2014 23 /MGNREGA/RM&DD Redesignation of Technical Assistant as Technical Assistant –cum- Junior Engineer
 13/09/2014 22/RMDD/MGNREGA Intensive Participatory Planning Exercise for Preparation of MGNREGA Labour Budget 2015-16
 04/09/2014 303/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Progress made on action points indicated during Sikkim visit of Nov-2013
 02/09/2014 21/RMDD/MGNREGA Maintenance and Supervision of Record Keeping under MGNREGA
Minutes of the meeting
 19/08/2014 271/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Prioritizing convergence and agriculture sector works
 19/08/2014 269/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 MGNREGA Convergence User Manual of Horticulture Plantations
 01/08/2014 19/RMDD/MGNREGA Strengthening the MGNREGA Financial System
Review Meeting of Rural Development Programs
 03/07/2014 140/RMDD/MGNREGA Need to improve the follow up on Social Audits held during 2013-14
 10/06/2014 79/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Accelerating the progress of slowed down or temporarily suspended/stalled IAY-CMRHM houses by providing additional funding support from MGNREGA unskilled wage component in convergence mode from 2014-15
 10/06/2014 78/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Minutes of the meeting
 06/06/2014 75/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Coordination Meeting for MGNREGA Convergence Work with Horticulture Deptt
 05/06/2014 73/RMDD/MGNREGA/14-15 Directives of HCM for RD Schemes
 02/06/2014 16/RMDD/MGNREGA Rozgar Diwas Implementation Guidelines
 30/04/2014 24/RMDD/MGNREGA Work Distribution in respect of MGNREGA Cell
 25/04/2014 21/RMDD/MGNREGA Revised district wise target for horticulture crops and revised Joint estimate for cardamom for convergence works with Horticulture Department
Minutes of the Departmental Coordination Meeting
 31/03/2014 777/MGNREGA/RM&DD Procedure for Relieving Contractual Functionaries under MGNREGA
 26/03/2014 770/RMDD/MGNREGA/13-14 MGNREGA improvements planned during 2014-15
Departmental Coordination Meeting
 10/03/2014 13/ RMDD / MGNREGA Strengthening the MGNREGA Social Audit Process in Sikkim
 10/03/2014 737/RMDD/MGNREGA/13-14 Rural Development Programs and Model Code of Conduct Enforced During General Elections 2014
 10/03/2014 12/ RMDD / MGNREGA Transferring Wage Payments Directly from the Gram Vikas Kendra to the Bank/Post Office to Reduce Delays and to Ensure that the Job Card Holders Receive their Wages in a Timely Manner
 06/03/2014 ------ Minutes of Meeting on Social Audit
 22/01/2014 636/RMDD/MGNREGA/13-14 Convergence Road Map of Sikkim State under MGNREGA for 2014-15
 21/12/2013 592/MGNREGA/RM&DD  Strengthening the Management of MGNREGA Works
 19/12/2013 583/RM&DD/MGNREGA/13-14 State Level IEC Action Plan for Sikkim State under MGNREGA
 09/12/2013 563/MGNREGA/RM&DD  Revised wages for skilled and semi skilled workers under MGRNEGA
 09/12/2013 562/MGNREGA/RM&DD  MGNREGA advisory for keeping works open during the ensuing festive season
 09/12/2013 561/MGNREGA/RM&DD  MGNREGA Advisory on Animal Husbandry related works
 12/11/2013 10/MGNREGA/RM&DD/13-14 Strengthening the Transparency Safeguards in the Procurement of Non-Stock Material under MGNREGA
 06/11/2013 472/RMDD Strengthening Technical Management of Rural Development Works by Deploying the JEs at the Gram Panchayat Level
10/10/2013 492/RM&DD/MGNREGA/13-14 MGNREGA MIS to be directly used for generating the MPR from 1st Nov 2013 onwards
04/10/2013 ------ Minutes of PRC Meeting with Districts & Blocks
 07/09/2013 07/MGNREGA/RM&DD Award for Excellence in MGNREGA Implementation for APOs, GRS, Mates
 07/09/2013 06/MGNREGA/RM&DD Further Simplifying and Standardizing the Purchase Procedure for Non Stock Materials under MGNREGA
 04/08/2013 ------ Performance Review Meeting with the Districts and Blocks
 05/07/2013 05/MGNREGA/RM&DD MGNREGA State Employment Guarantee Fund (Amendment) Rules, 2013
 17/06/2013 ------ Minutes of the Meeting held with the Districts on 17th June, 2013
 14/06/2013 200/MGNREGA/RM&DD Revised guidelines for reduction of Contingency Fund from 2% to 1%
 15/05/2013 ------ Coordination meeting with the districts 15th May, 2013, RM&DD head office
 20/03/2013 832 /MGNREGA/RM&DD Guidelines for Empanelment of Mates
 05/02/2013 ------ Memorandum of Understanding with SAU
 05/12/2012 503/RM&DD/MGNREGA Social Audit functions of DPC, APO, GP
 04/12/2012 496/RM&DD/MGNREGA Officer Order of Director, SAU
 21/05/2012 111/174/ Adm/MGNREGA/RM&DD Roles and Responsibilities of ADPC,APO and GRS
 15/05/2012 ------ Coordination Meeting with the Districts 
 04/05/2012 77/RM&DD/MGNREGA Outcome Based Monitoring of MGNREGA Assets
 20/04/2012 30/5/ADM/NREGA/2008 - 09 MGNREGA Financial Record Keeping Guidelines
 20/04/2012 31/5/ADM/NREGA/2008 - 09 Guidelines for purchase of tools and implements under MGNREGA
 April 2012   Constitution of SREGA
 05/04/2012 06/MGNREGA/RM&DD State Employment Guarantee Fund
 29/03/2012 861/95/Adm/NREGA Directions based on the Findings of 2% Verification of MGNREGA Works
 29/03/2012 860/95/Adm/NREGA Pre-requisites for Release of MGNREGA Adm. Expenses to the Districts
 20/03/2012 832/RM&DD/MGNREGA Guidelines For Empanellment of Mates
 02/03/2012 782/RM&DD/NREGA GRS Decentralized Recruitment Circular 2012
 23/07/2011 237/RM&DD/MGRNEGA Ban on Cardamom and Forestry Plantation
 23/07/2011 236/RMDD/MGNREGA Internal Verification of the MGNREGA Works at the State Level
 23/07/2011 235/RM&DD SIRD to provide Technical Sanction for Dhara Vikas Works
 21/05/2011 111/174/ Adm/MGNREGA/RM&DD Office Circular for ADPC, APO, GRS May-2012
 13/05/2011 66 /RM&DD/MGNREGA GRS Salary Enhancement Order
 12/05/2011 65/RM&DD/MGNREGA  Reimbursement of expenses of GRS on priority
 11/05/2011 55/RM&DD/MGNREGA Establishing a system for maintenance of assets created under MGNREGA
 04/05/2011 37/RM&DD/MGNREGA MGNREGA Convergence Guidelines of CM Rural Housing Mission
 04/05/2011 37/RM&DD/MGNREGA Convergence of Chief Minister’s Rural Housing Mission with MGNREGA - Conditions reg.
 18/04/2011 12/RM&DD/MGNREGA 2% Contingency Guidelines
 15/04/2011 10/RM&DD/MGNREGA Wage payment on Price-rate Basis under MGNREGA is permissible and needs to be explored
 08/12/2010 0812/RM&DD/MG-NREGA SEGC Recommendation
 29/11/2010 508/RM&DD/MG-NREGA State Employment Guarantee Rules 2010
 28/10/2010 08/GOS/FEWMD Forest Revised Royalty Rates 2010
 28/08/2010 308/RM&DD/MGNREGA  Procuring local timbers against bonafide Marking Order under MGNREGA
Forest Notification Marking Orders
 27/08/2010 305/MGNREGA/RM&DD/2010-11  Background Note 
Material Purchase Guidelines
 19/07/2010 225/141/Adm/MGNREGA/RM&DD  Empanellment of State Level Quality Monitors and Technical Resource Support Committee 
 15/07/2009 238/RMDD/NREGA  Decentralization Notification 
 21/02/2009 868/RM&DD/NREGS/2008-09  Guidelines for Empanellment of suppliers  
 14/11/2008 710/RM&DD/NREGA  State Grievance Redressal Rules 2008 
 19/08/2008 573/RM&DD/NREGA  Ensuring that wage earners under NREGA work for requisite hours 
 01/08/2008 539/RM&DD/NREGA  Sikkim Employment Guarantee fund 
 11/07/2008 488/RM&DD/NREGA  Material Purchase Uniformity 
 11/07/2008   MOU with Post Office 
 11/07/2008 487/RM&DD/NREGA  State Employment Gurantee Fund 
 07/05/2008   SEGC Recommendation 
 23/04/2008 338/RM&DD  Cap on Rural Connectivity 
 15/04/2008 01/DL  Labor Department Notification 
 19/03/2008 278/RM&DD  Employment Guarantee Day 
 29/02/2008 19/RM&DD Constitution of NREGA State Employment Gurantee Council 
 28/05/2007 09/RM&DD National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme 
 13/06/2006 2/RM&DD  The Sikkim Employment Gurantee Scheme (SREGS) 2006 
 05/09/2005 42 of 2005  National Rural Employment Gurantee Act Operational Guidelines 2008
National Rural Employment Gurantee Act 2005